Gemütlichkeit: (gu-moot-lish-kite) Which in Bavaria means an atmosphere of comfort, peace, and acceptance, and it is what our Bavarian Basket is all about.  Hearty choices with a gourmet twist provide a wonderful picnic for a visit to your favorite brewery.  Starting with our signature VPB Bloody Bull sliders.  Our favorite Bloody Mary was the inspiration for this seasoned filet of roast beef slider with fresh tomatoes, arugula and house made spicy sauce.  The sliders pair perfectly with crunchy Funky Fusion Dirty Chips.  Add to that locally sourced veggies combined with our VPB herb dip and tangy cornichons for the perfect picnic. Finish things off with local assorted chocolates. So Willkommen!  or Welcome to a perfect picnic experience.      

Bavarian Basket

  • VPB Bloody Bull sliders (Roast Beef, Fresh Tomatoes, Arugula and House Made Spicy Sauce)

    Funky Fusion Dirty Chips

    Local Veggies with VPB Herb Dip

    Tangy Cornichons

    Assorted Chocolate Squares

    Spring Water Bottles

  • In order to provide the freshest ingredients at a fair price, we ask that all our picnics be picked up at our Hillsboro store or they can be delivered to one of our partner locations.  We are conveniently located in the heart of the Loudoun Winery and Brewery district. We do provide weekend pick up in Leesburg upon request.

Pictures are for illustration purposes only.  Picnic contents may vary.